Handmade in Labrador

Meet the Artisans

Handmade in Labrador is a craft collective comprised of five accomplished and creative women in Southern Labrador. Each product is made with the deepest consideration of traditional techniques and natural icons. Barked fabric is paired with beautiful block prints of sea life and plants. Silks are dyed using flora harvested from the Labrador barrens and natural dyes derived from plants roots and insects from around the world. The personality of this strong group shines through the creativity and quality of the work.


Karen Pye

Karen Pye is a designer whose work is inspired by the beauty of Labrador. From an early age she showed a keen interest in textiles and began making clothing in her teens. Karen studied tailoring and design at the London College of Fashion and has been making bespoke clothing for over 35 years. Natural fibers are her favorite medium which she loves to pair with handcrafted embellishments.


Valerie O'Brien

Valerie started crafting as a young girl with her aunt who showed her how to do mat hooking. She makes a variety of crafts from quilts to jewellery and has worked as a craft demonstrator and interpreter of traditional crafts. Valerie enjoys spending time in nature and nature is an important part of her process of creating crafts — from picking Labrador tea or collecting porcupine quills to making the finished craft.

Co-op members in the workshop
Co-op members in the workshop (larger version)

Grace Normore

Since an early age, Grace's creative spirit has been strong. Her interest in craft began at the age of 12 and grew, with intricate skills acquired with age. She enjoys knitting, sewing, quilt making and other traditional craft. A perfectionist, Grace's attention to detail shows in every aspect of her work. Her passion for carrying on traditional skills is immense and evident through her endless community involvement. She loves to keep her hands busy and believes it is the fabric that keeps us together.


Cynthia Colosimo

Cynthia is an illustrator and craft maker who takes inspiration from local heritage sites for her work. She has illustrated a number of children's books based on the history and legends of Labrador. Cynthia studied drawing and printmaking and has a BFA from the University of Manitoba and an MFA from Concordia University. She has worked on a variety of community based projects to promote the heritage and culture of Southern Labrador.

Handmade in Labrador